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Ollie Mealing performing card magic to Derren Brown and Dynamo

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I hope it hasn’t annoyed him. Didn’t think anyone would see it apart from like the 20 or so people who follow the tag on here.

Oh my GOD look at Derren's Twitter! You fooled Derren Brown, that sir is an achievement.

Oh wow! I hadn’t noticed haha. Although I didn’t fool Derren as I’m sure he knows if he’s engaged or not lol. :p

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I should probably mention now that that news story from earlier was an April Fools. Thought it would be nicer than the one last year saying he was retiring which upset some people.

But yeah. I made it up and Photoshopped it. Here’s hoping it’ll be real one day though. :)

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Does anyone else remember when that guy fell over the balcony during one of Derrens shows? I’d have shat myself.

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Seeing people posting about the filming of Infamous reminds me of when I was at the Enigma filming. It was the first time I’d seen Derren live and I remember finding out they were filming that date and getting the letter in the post saying to dress smart because he “wants the world to fancy you”.


The excitement grew even more when we got to the theatre and there were signs all over the doors reminding everyone that they were being filmed.

One of the signs when entering the theater.

Once inside all the cameras were already in place. It was odd at first but you did forget they were there after a while.

They filmed 3 of the nights so we had no idea which one they’d pick to televise. When it aired we soon realised it was the night we saw it so I spent the whole program trying to spot myself in the audience. Saw my brother a few times but didn’t spot me until my friend messaged me on Facebook saying he saw me. Now each time I watch the show I spot myself more times. :p

Here I am in the screenshot below sat behind the man in the stripy top.


After the show I went to the stage door and got to meet Derren and get some stuff signed and shake his hand. I thought it was packed because there was about 20 people there but that’s quiet compared to how it’s got in recent years when about 100+ people end up waiting at the stage door after shows.

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